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                Lesson 30 A Famous Friend?


                 1 课时

                 1 课时


                Know more about the different jobs, and express the students ambitions with the language they have learnt in this unit.


                The useful expressions: no matter what, might be


                Go over the useful expression in Unit 5 and express the students’ own ideas by using they have learnt.


                Teaching-guide, Group-work



                Step one: Enjoy a song

                Show some pictures about jobs and ask the students to review the jobs they have learnt. See a video and listen to the song Be What You wanna be. After seeing the video, ask the students what their or their friends dream in the future.

                Step two: Guessing Game

                Describe a person and make the students guess who he is.

                He is very lovely.

                He likes playing basketball.

                He wants to be an actor in the future.

                Who is he? It is Danny. What is Dannys dream?


                Listen and fill in the blanks.

                Danny is much _______ this year. He _______ a letter to Helen asking her about the future. Helen works at the newspaper and ____________ to people. She told him that he might be a good _______. Maybe he will be a ________ movie star someday!


                Step one: Self-reading:


                1. Danny is _____________ this year.

                2. I wrote Helen an E-mail about my future this week.

                3. Is Danny going to be a basketball player when he grows up.

                4. Whats Helens advice for Danny?

                5. It would be great to be rich and famous when I am older.

                Step two: Group-reading:

                Read in groups and make sure everyone in your group can read the passage.

                1. Who do you like to ask for advice when you need help?

                2. Will you keep your friendships with your classmates when you are older?

                3. I am much taller this year.

                4. I am going to be a basketball player when I grow up.

                5. She is a wise woman.

                6. She works for the newspaper and gives advice to people.

                7. I would like to be a famous movie star someday.

                8. She said I might be a good actor.

                9. But no matter what, I will always be your friend!

                Step three: Language Points

                Ⅰ.Challenge your memory:

                索要某物                  ask for sth

                ......工作                 work for sb

                给某人建议                give sb some advice

                某天                      some day

                她是一相擁著个睿智的女士。      a wise woman

                Ⅱ.Important points

                1. I am much taller this year.

                much taller 意为高很多

                一般情↑况下形容词比较级前可用much, a lot, a little, even 等词来修饰。

                The pig is heavy.  The bear is heavier than the pig.  The elephant is the heaviest of all

                The elephant is _______ ________ than the pig

                2. No matter what 无论如何


                No matter what you  say, he will not believe you.


                No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, I believe you can be the best.


                Study in groups and talk about the following language points

                1. Will you keep your friendships with your classmates when you are older?

                keep the friendship 意义

                2. I am not going to be a basketball when I grow up.

                (1) 时态 2grow up

                3. She said I might be a good actor.



                Step Four: Post-reading

                Retell the passage:

                Danny ____________ basketball. He is _____________ this year. He _______________ a basketball player when he ________. He ________ an E-mail to Helen who works for the newspaper. She ______ Danny some ________. She said Danny ________ a good actor. He would be a _____________ someday. Maybe he will be ________ on TV. It _________ great to _________ and famous when he is _______. ________________, he will always be Li Ming’s friend.


                Writing: Read the letter and give the second secret friend some advice

                Sometimes it is hard to talk about the future. I have many interests, such as reading books, traveling and making friends. I am good at talking to people. I am not sure what I will be in the future. Maybe I will be a teacher, a writer or a guide. Can you give me some advice.

                What would she like to be in the future?

                Write down the advice on the exercise book.


                 There are three secret friends, describe the last friend and make the students guess who she or he is.

                He is the best basketball player in the history of the game.

                He often wears No.23.

                On his way to success, he meets all kinds of difficulties.

                When he was young he was expelled(开除) from the school basketball team.

                His father was murdered when he was at the height of his career.

                He never gives up and never stops on the road of goal, his word: “ never say never ”,is the attitude(态度) to basketball and life,

                His story inspired(激励)many people to realize their dreams.

                He is Michael John Dan 

                I believe I can fly

                • Everyone has his own dream.

                • No matter who you are, no matter what dream is, you should know yourself and remember your dream

                • The most important thing is never to say never.

                • Believe you can fly, believe you can be the best.


                Finish your composition and share your dream with others.



                                     Lesson 30  A Famous Friend?

                1. My hobby is and my ambition is

                2. I would like to be

                Danny: He might be a good actor

                Miss Zhang: She might be a good teacher

                John Dan: He wants to be a good basketball player.




                基本㊣ 完成本节课的教学任务,从开始能激发学生学习的兴趣,整节课连贯流畅,学生参与度比较高。









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